#lunch gyu don. Kok kayak nasi telor bikinan sendiri ya – at Ebisuya Restaurant

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  1. Hi, so sorry that this is going to be an unrelated comment to your blogpost.
    I saw your video on your DIY running wheel for your sugar glider on youtube, and was hoping if you could send some pictures of the wheel? I was thinking of making my own wheel for my sugar glider because the safe wheels aren’t available where I live. Would it also be too much to ask for some detailed instructions on how you made it?
    Thanks and I apologise again for this unrelated comment.

    • Sorry Sarah, I don’t have my sugar gliders anymore. My DIY wheel 🎡 is not that durable anyway, in 1 year it became lopsided, I think it’s because the cheap plastic basin I’ve used, should’ve picked a stronger ones. I’m sorry I didn’t took the pictures of how I made it; basically you need a glue gun, a pair of identical plastic water basin, a fine chicken wire, somekind of spokewheel (I used one from a used rollerblade) and some plastic pipes for the base.
      What I did is cut both of the plastic basin on the sides, and use both of them to put and hold the chicken wire in place; the outer edges are closed with the leftover cutout of the plastic basin. I added the finest sandpaper and glued it at half of the track so it will take care of the sugar glider nails. The tricky part is to make a hole at dead center; if you missed it then the wheel will wobble. Mine wobbles anyway after a year because the inner part of the plastic basin started to give, it was just not hard enough to endure the sugar gliders activity.

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